April 2011: a small revision...

The sculptures received within their "details" a little info page with information about their height and width and type of wood and so on. A red dot means that you cannot buy that one.

January 2011: finally online...

If you do everything by yourself - of course with a little help of adobe photoshop and dreamweaver - nevertheless it takes a lot of time until such an internet appearance is done.

Now - here it is. However, until further notice this page is only a presentation page - no online shop with prices and a shopping cart. Furthermore, those objects that are not intended for sale or that already have a new owner are not yet marked.

Please note also that we are just getting started with our work, i.e. there is not too much to see.

The objective of furniture making is having our own portfolio, i.e. we would like to bring a small collection of furniture to market.

As far as the sculptures are concerned - everything started with them in 2009. A first amount of sculptures has been presented in a first exhibition and the artklause was founded. 2010 took a lot of time building up the studio and the website. Now time has come to produce the next hopefully good looking pieces and to search new owners for them.

If you are interested in our work, please send us an email. Also we could always imagine to take part in joint exhibitions. And if you are a gallery owner and you are shure to get the double of the price we would like to have - please contact us immediately :-)

well then...